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"Those days....we had more fun "

On Board Atmosphere plus!

A happening, groovy new concept "The Boogie Bus" is the talk of the town.
No matter what age you are.
If you're into Rock 'N' Roll. 
This is a sensational fun night out for your group.

A fantabulous far out tour featuring a 70's and 80's revival theme
 with a little genuine Rock 'N' Roll from the 50's & 60's.

Welcome to bring your own burnt CDs

On Board Boogie Bus Theme- Dress UP!

Put on old glad rags and get on down.
Grease up your hair, tie those pony tails and let's rock 'n' roll all night...

Borrow old clothes or dig them out from the bottom of your cupboard or just an old hat,

to enjoy being transcended back to the past, since we always say...


Theme Restaurant Meal
For starters, you can visit  a superb theme restaurant for a meal.

Choose one to suit you budget

The food and surroundings will transcend you back to a past long gone.
Re visit the past or experience it for the first time and find out what great food was
happening than!

Sample Menu

Let it all hang out!
After  your party has been fed you can continue on "The Boogie Bus" visiting  top venues that mostly feature 70's/ 80's music venues throughout the night.
You will be pampered with VIP free queue jumping entry and special deals.
Beach Boys The Commodores

Get all the details

Surprise your group when you tell them what you have organised
 for an outrageous night or day out!

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 Date you have in mind?
 How many in your group?
 Full Contact Details with Phone Number
and we will assist you all the way!

As we wish to provide you with the best price and service, we'll be happy to speak to you direct.

Suggested Boogie Bus Song List
Wednesday, 18 July 2007

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Wednesday, 18. July 2007

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