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The Way We Were 1974
DATELINE: Thursday, 24th June 1999
VENUE: Globe Entertainment Complex

Now the Capitol


The Globe Entertainment Complex (Now Club Capitol) recreated Pinocchio's nightclub for one night only, presenting an array of visuals, sounds, and personalities from the year that was 1974. The show was sponsored by 1080 6IX and attracted a near full house.

Two video programs were produced of the total show by Steve Ramm and co-produced by Roland Ott. Mr. Joe Coci (Showbiz-Globe Entertainment Complex) made the event possible by providing the financial backing/risks and generous constant support.


DJ Ken Jackson     Breakaway     Fatty Lumpkin     Troupadores     Troupadores 2000    Credits

Joe & Joy Coci    Tony Lions   Steve Ramm    Roland Ott


Accolades, emotional expressions and memories flowed freely on an event generously hosted by Joe and Joy Coci at the Globe Entertainment Complex on Thursday evening 24th June, 1999.

  • This well attended never to be repeated night had the audience singing, stomping, jiving and shouting for more until 3am. Miss Lea Siddons, Public Relations and Promotional Assistant and newcomer to the Globe Team glowed in her great outfit and used her personality to the max as she greeted the arriving patrons, artists and VIP's.

  • Some had travelled from Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Leonora and the South West. Mrs. Ngaio Dayman flew in from Brisbane, a totally unannounced surprise, representing the memories of legendary Australian Entertainment Promoter Mr. Ivan Dayman, who was responsible for touring the Breakaway and Troupadores nationwide in the 70's.

  • David Horvath (Globe) Events and Marketing Manager feverishly spent all day preparing the venue and had only 30 minutes to change before operating special lighting during the night.

  • Damian Mackay, operations and approved Manager and his staff provided a skilful service. A staff member was overheard as saying "We are running out of everything" as he observed the large rounds of drinks purchased by patrons. A little alarmist on his behalf at the time.

  • Miss Lee Spaul, the young Lady "This is Lee" who handled the many telephone inquires leading up to the event was heard as saying "I was stoked and enlightened".

  • Steve Ramm (Perth Audio Visual) set up and operated Cameras, relayed all the action onto giant screens and monitors throughout the venues and provided a pre-production 90 minute montage of the 70's. This had the audience and artists glued to the screens reliving the images of the recaptured past. Steve also produced 2 video programs with co-producer Roland Ott of the nights event.


KJ The DJ,  Pinocchio's first DJ in 1974 opened the program with a specially pre-recorded message by Lionel Yorke representing 1080 6IX. The Radio station which supported and presented the event.

This set the mood for the night and Ken then took the patrons on a year by year musical journey of the hits in the 70's. The result was a unified Audience Choir.

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Were first on stage and flawed everybody. Their on stage antics were the talk of the evening with comments of their individual varied song presentations. Not having played together for over 20 years relentless rehearsals allowed them to serve up a monumental performance.

Members: Peter Robbins, Joe Coci, John Lemin, Ray Van Ross, Dave Waters and Ernie Rampellini


Followed with an emotional charged pre-recorded audio introduction the audience started to chant "Fatty, Fatty, Fatty" as John Worrall, with a huge beam of excitement, welcomed everybody to "Fatty Lumpkin's" part of the evening. John who flew in from London for the night was still rehearsing the band the same afternoon. Die hard loyal fans were provided with a dynamic skilful presentation of musicianship which created their popularity in the 70's. Members on the night consisted of Roy Daniel, John Meyer, Bob Patient, Rick Eastman and John Worrall.


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It was then time for the
"Troupadores" 1974 vintage. They performed energetically and courageously and made it seemed no time had lapsed. At the push of a button mowed down the audience with their sensational music, songs and on stage presentation. The band consisted of the original 1974 line-up with Peter Anderson, Peter Bull, Bill Blissett, John Hossen, Rick Selby and Doug Wilkinson.


The End of the night was claimed by the current "Troupadores 2000" who presented a tight song presentation with skilful harmonies. They consisted of John Hossen, Paul Ewing, John Kellett, Chris O'Leary and Peter Slatter. The night not only belonged to the many club going patrons of the 70's but also to the many adult children that attended to see their fathers perform for the first time.

Joe and Joy Coci  commissioned Roland Ott to put together and produce the show.  Without their moral and financial support this extra ordinary historic event would never have come about.  It produced a celebration of a by gone era.

Tony Lyons (Sound Engineer) rose to the challenge of mixing the Bands throughout the evening. A credit to him due to the complexity involved.

Steve Ramm from DVD Solutions . Steve worked tiredly and produced a Video Show of the event, live camera to giant screen on the night and a special montage video to introduce images of the past.

Roland Ott (Show World) Executive Producer of TWWW 1974 was seen putting up a large poster in the artist room before the show which read in part:

I would like to personally thank you for the millennium effort you have provided both mentally and physically. Due to your efforts you have given patrons with a "once only" emotional event from a bygone era, which you helped to create in the first place, never to be repeated. So please soak up the atmosphere yourself as the emphases tonight is on enjoyment and camaraderie not slick performance and presentation. It's been very rewarding for me. I hope you'll find it the same.
Thank you…… Roland Ott.

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